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thats DOCTOR AINE to you sir.

ahh woke up this morning an hour late with the same headache that i've had for the past two days. terrific. didnt shower, didn't study for quiz, but walked outside and the weather was lovely, and the quiz wasn't so bad, so now i'm feeling much better. also wrote half my paper that is due tommorow in the last 45 mins, which is not too bad. hopefully i'll be able to finish the rest of it before i go to the sheep farm later, since i also have that terrific exam tommorow that i haven't started studying for. but whatever, cos i just found out i got into vet school, so if i can't slack a little now, when will i be able to?

so yea, in case you missed that last comment, I got into vet school.... iowa state to be exact, although i'm still waiting to hear about the cornell wait list and to hear from ohio state.
but now in all my summer job apps i can say "i will" be attending veterinary school in the fall, as opposed to "i hope to be" attending... sweet.

did something over the weekend that is causing me a little more internal consternation than it should, considering how awesome it was. things with rob haven't been going as well as i would like (but then again, when are they ever??) but for the first time i'm ok with that. which makes me not ok with that, because if im ok with things being not ok with rob, does that mean im moving on? what if i don't want to move on? (this is where marga would say, "well, do you want to stay unhappy with that shit head forver? i HATE him" and i meekly respond "yes. i love him" ) what if i just don't love him anymore? what do i do then?

as angela chase would say (approximately; the exact quote is busy being in my dvd player, not my head) i resolved to be less introspective, but i think i'm going to have to give that decision some more thought.
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