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well, its about time

yay! i thought you guys had all forgotten about the good ol lj...
im supposed to be writing a paper on c.s. lewis's the abolition of man, which is a very interesting book, im just not in a paper writing mood, which is unfortunate, because the paper is due is an hour and 35 mins... alas

i also have to write a paper on orwell's animal farm, which is an excellent book.. so excellent that writing about it intimidates me... luckily that paper isnt due till december even though it has to be 16 pages......

so i have been having all these mini crises lately, but i realize that anything that doesnt kill you, well might not make you stronger, but at least you are still alive....
also, while im on my philisophical tip, sometimes certain things can't be forced... like if you were still friends with everyone you were every friends with, it would make your head spin... so sometimes things happen for a reason, even if you cant see it right anyway, or even if you dont like the reason. the corrallary of that is you should enjoy things while they last, because everything, life, love, friends, money, daylight, everything is fleeting. that isnt necessarialy a bad thing either, since it makes us appreciate all the good stuff even more...

so if things are good, enjoy them while you can
if things are bad, well, they have to get better eventually (although they might, no, probably will get worse first....)
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