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stop! i want to get off...

so its been a while since i wrote stuff, mainly because all i do is study, which is not very exciting....
I have been getting really moody lately; i've started the daily crying that worked so well last year again it just seems like no matter how much effort i put into anything, whether it be school, or life or anything, it always just comes to shit... it is making me wonder whether anything at all is worth it...
i also dont feel that i am a very good person right now
i've been sort of lonely.. but not for particular people, just sometimes i feel like no one can identify with me but at the same time i need to start looking for happiness inside myself, rather than expecting other people to make me happier because of what they think or do or say to me...

i need a lot of time to think things through, reevaluate, and convince myself i am a worthwhile human being... good time i have plenty of work to do, so i dont have time for any of this....

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