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radiohead and the meaning of life

its totally thundering and lightening here. thats def the sexiest weather there is. my brother and danielle are on the couch downstairs; how cute... how wants to join me on a couch ;-)... oh dammit, no one as usual. sigh.

so i have been listening to hail to the thief non stop sinc ei got it on tuesday. its an amazing CD. its wierd, i have also been spending a lot of time looking at the booklet, as radiohead are known for "hiding" cool things in their packaging and artwork. I havent found anything yet, but i absolutely love the font they use. is it possible to fall in love because of a font? i mean, not in love with an particular person, but jsut to have that characteristic new love feeling? the one where your stomach is moving at the speed of light and its very ions are rotating so much that it just stays still in your body, but you feel the very disturbance of the electromagnetic forces deep down in the pit.

thats the way the radiohead cd booklet font makes me feel. what the hell is wrong with me?

well, that and the way the lyrics are written. Thom Yorke is not known for his pronunciation, but usually reading the lyrics makes them make sense. but in this case, its just really beautiful poetry.

oh god i love radiohead. why can't i find a boy right here right now who makes me feel the way radiohead makes me feel?
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