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walking away again? you don't see me stopping you this time.

it seems that i only feel the urge to write in this when i am miserable, or procrastinating, or both. in this case, it would be both.

a lot has happened since i last wrote in this regularly, but ironically, i am in the exact same position with all of the exact same people, and i feel the same way. the more things change, the more they stay the same for sure.

i'm about to graduate (well, in like 3 months) and i feel like i have done nothing substantial with my four years. I've probably made two or three friendships that i consider worth persuing outside of cornell, and i have not exactly kept my previous friend ships alive as well as i could have. my grades have been medicore, i haven't contributed substantially to my community or a cause in any way, and i dont know where my life is going. i'm not saying that i have to have it all "figured out", it just seems like i have been floundering, and in the process, got nothing figured out....

well, i guess my pensive mood dictates that you will be hearing more from me in the future, hope not all of it will be so gloomy and miserable (although knowing me, i think we all know it probably will be)

"i feel this intense pressure..." igby goes down, the new posterchild for the lost generation
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