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all i ever wanted was to be your spine

once i managed to make it through all the work i had to do last week (although i just ended up not doing half of it, which means i should be doing it now...)
i was more than ready for fall break, which was awesome.
friday i drove into the city to drop tara off at her cousins, and then plowed my way through nyc friday afternoon trafic to see the rents. dad wasnt home, so the momser and i went out for indian food. yummy yummy. after that i chilled with john woods and shady rob, which was fun as usual, it was just like being back in high school (sort of).
then saturday i went into the city to an open house for Ross University, which is a vet school in the west indies i am thinking of applying to (no, not just cos it is in the west indies - i dont even really like warm weather)
then that night i went down to maryland with my mom to spend the weekend with the bro.
as i was pulling off to get some food i got a call from johnnie mac, which was super awesome even though i could only talk for a minute (cant keep the mom waiting when it comes to food!)
so we got to md and chilled with my bro till monday morning, which mostly consisted of my mom driving around in huge circles, taking wrong turns and geting mad at my bro, it was fun none the less!
on monday morning, we went to IHOP for a second time (sunday was the first time) and then picked up marga at the metro station and drove home to dirty jerzee
i brough marga into the city to see her friend max and almost killed my self in the process - not only did i take like 1200 wrong turns (runs in the family, i swear) i semi-ran a red light and almost hit a traffic cop (good job aine!)
but he just ignored me and my jersey plates and i made it back to the tunnel safely.
after that i chilled again with rob and john woods
tuesday i picked up tara and marga int he city, then came back to my house picked up dustin (what a great kid!) and drove back to shitaca.
so here i am back to stressing and such. sadly missed a call from john - but good luck on your test babe!
to y'all who have fall break this weekend - come see me!

thats about all for now...
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